Books by letter 6

633 Squadron Operation Crisis (633 Squadron) Frederick E. Smith

January 2003
6 Preludes and Fugues, Op. 61 Piano Solo Dmitri Kabalevsky

May 1, 2001
605 And Other Places Marjorie Nelson

November 2001
6TH JUNE - OVERLORD Serge Saint-Michel

August 2007
6-Scene Sequencing Cards Frank Schaffer

September 11, 2001
6th Economic Summit Conference on Bioethics, Val Duchesse, Brussels, 10-12 May 1989 Environmental Ethics Economic Summit Conference on Bioethics (6th 1989 Val Duchesse, Brussels)

December 31, 1990
60 Handel Overtures Arranged for Solo Keyboard George Frideric Handel

November 5, 1993
600 Days A Motivational Adventure to 30 Countries Kevin P Davidsen

September 1, 1999
67 reasons why cats are better than dogs Jack Shepherd

A humorous look at the argument between the superiority of cats or dogs provides support for feline dominance, citing their artistry, athletic prowess, and intelligence along with scientific cat facts.